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Tales of the Wastes Chapter 4: Twinkle Pie the Partier, and the Green Scourge

"Come on everypony smile, smile, smile."

As we all know the stables were never meant to save anypony. But there was one that time forgot. In a mountain far north of Canterlot there is a stable whose construction was aided by a ministry mare. It wasn't Twilight from M.A.S. it wasn't Applejack from M.W.T. heck, even Rarity from MI would make more sense.  It was Pinkie Pie from M.o.M. this stable wasn't numbered and was known only as 'The Party-Time Stable'. Through genetic manipulation everypony not only acts but looks like the mare who aided in the stable's construction. Everypony has a pink coat, curly pink mane, and is an absolute party animal (the chems don't heart that last part either). However genetic alterations have that unfortunate side effect of altering some ponies negatively. There are those in a perpetual state of cheer or sorrow. There are those with sickly fur. There are even those who have lost their manes. Though for those not born is the stable it's even worse. But this tale isn't about them. This tale is of one who held onto sanity, beat the manipulations with minimal effect and one who escaped. This is Twinkle Pie's and her friend's tale. We'll meet him soon enough.

It was a normal day in the Party-Time Stable. There was a huge party going on around every corner. Twinkle Pie was in her room trying to read.
She thought to herself, "I wish the stable's library had more than books on partying, books on chems, and books on partying on chems."
Just then, her best friend Surprise came into the room. Surprise wasn't a normal citizen of the Party-Time Stable. First off, she was a pegasus. Secondly, the pinkification process had a strange effect: on her instead of being pink she had a blond mane and a pure white coat.
"Come on Twinkle," she said to her friend in the overly cheery tone that many in the stable used, "There's a party in the atrium it seems like fun."
"Surprise," Twinkle began, "there's always a party going on everywhere in this stable. It's called the Party Time Stable for a reason.
"Yes and you know that means you need to attend a party. You remember what happened to your dad."
"Right, just head to the atrium. I'll be there in a few minutes."
"Alright, see you there." With that Surprise, dashed out of the room.
Once her friend was gone, Twinkle walked over to a poster of a pure pink earth pony with a curly mane and the words 'Pinkie Pie is watching you FOREVER' on it. She took it down behind it there was a pin sized hole. She looked through it and longed for the world free from the stable's walls.
"Someday, Twinkle, someday."

The music from the party was so loud it could even be heard outside of the stable at times. Usually the noise was not loud enough to be a problem, but today there was something outside the stable with some anger problems and very sensitive hearing.
"GAHH," the hulking behemoth yelled covering his ears, "MAKE STOP!" Eventually he found the gear shaped door with three balloons on it which had the source of the sound behind it, he began clawing at the door.

Twinkle finally left her room and was making her way to the atrium. On her way she met two of her friends, Key Lime and Key Lime's brother Boston Cream.
"Hey there, Twinkie," said the mare with wisps of lime green in her pink coat and mane.
"Please," Twinkle replied, "don't call me that."
"Why not?" asked the colt with wisps of brown in his pink coat and mane. "That's what you told us to call you a few weeks ago at your cute-ceañera."
"That wasn't me. That was a monster."
"I wouldn't say that." Key Lime began talking again. "You partied harder than ever, harder than most of the stables resident's."
"And do you remember what happened?"
"So what," Boston Cream said, "a few couldn't handle that epicness. It happens."
Just then, Surprise entered and began to talk, "Look, she doesn't want to remember, so DROP IT!"
"Thank you." Twinkle said, "At least I have one friend who respects my views."
They were approached by a stallion with a cutie mark of a Dash inhaler inflating a balloon.
"Hey how are some of my favorite customers?"
"Fine Dashie Pie," the group (other than Twinkle) said.
Dashie Pie was the stable's dealer. Chems were legal but there was a limited supply, so the Overmare had to appoint someone to keep it in check.
"What'll it be today?" Dash Pie asked.
"Mintals," Key Lime said, "but not the Party Time ones, I just want minty flavors today, not fruit."
"I'll take Buck," Boston Cream said.
"And I'll take the pegasus classic Dash. That'll make this a great party," Surprise said.
"Alright," Dashie Pie replied, "what about you, Miss Twinkie?"
"None, please." Twinkle replied, "And it's TwinkLE not TwinkIE."
"Alright, here you all go," Dashie said handing them their chems.
Just then a Mare that looked almost exactly like Pinkie, with the exception of the cutie mark (a balloon tied to a radio tower) and a metal plate on her throat, stepped up to a microphone.
"Ahem," she began to speak in a slightly mechanical though distinctly Pinkie-like voice, "Attention, everypony, this is your Overmare DJ P squared speaking. Reminding you to party the day away."
There was a roaring cheer through the crowd.
"Now then to a serious note. We need more participants for this party, so we're sending out a scouting party to find them. Barring any emergency like a wasteland creature breaking through the stable doors. But my Over-Sense would have warned me about something like that so the party will consist of:"
Twinkle sat there just thinking, "Please be me, please be me, oh dear Celestia PLEASE LET IT BE ME."
"Key Lime, Boston Cream, Surprise, and…"
Twinkle's eyes were larger than dinner plates. But then, BAM! There was a breach at the door, and a large, bipedal, black-furred, creature with green eyes burst into the stable.
"Huh," P squared said, "How wasn't I warned of that? Guess I'll tell Dashie to double my Party Time Mintals allowance."
"TURN DOWN NOISE!!!" the monster yelled, clawing his way through some stable citizens.
With that, ponies in security barding carrying miniature pink cannons burst into the atrium. They fired the pink cannons, and streamers burst out entangling the monster.
"LET GO!" The monster yelled.
"No." DJ P Squared said, "And don't even try to get out of those. They may not seem like it, but those are strong enough to hold a Manticore. Take him to heavy level security. We'll use him to show the wastes AND the stable what happens when you try to stop the party."
"Yes, mam," the security ponies said, proceeding to pull the monster towards the heavy, level security.
"Everypony else, unfortunately, due to this, we'll need to cancel the scouting party. So just go back to the partying."
Twinkle could do nothing but look on with anger and plot an escape plan.

Later that night Twinkle entered the heavy level security and saw the monster behind a magical energy field. She approached it without apprehension.
"Who you?" it asked.
"My name's Twinkle Pie," she responded in her bubbliest voice. "What are you?"
"Me, Hellhound." it said, "Why you talk to me not run away?"
"Hey, if there's one thing I've learned from living here it's don't judge a book by its cover. Namely because even when it seems like a cookbook it'll end up being about chems. Or on occasion explosives."
"I hurt ponies."
"True. But they hardly ever did anything, although those creatures on the other side may think differently."
"What you talk about?"
"Wait, you can't see them? Funny, everyone in the stable can."
"Why you here?"
"I'm gunna bust you out, and you'll help me do the same."
"But why you help me? You gunna kill me."
"No, that's just the Overmare who wants to do that. I just want to be free." As she said this, she pointed to her flank and her cutie mark of a balloon amongst the stars, "I'm meant to be free amongst the outside, not cooped up in this colorful prison." With that, she attached her Pip-Buck into a terminal. "Luckily, my dad taught me how to do this before he changed."
"What happened?" the Hellhound asked.
"I'll tell you when we're free," she said, concerned.
Just then a much taller pink pony with a cannon adorning her flank, walked in and looked right at Twinkle.
"Twinkle, what are you doing?" she asked with concern in her voice.
"I'm following my destiny, mom," she replied.
"I know. I always knew this day would come. That's why I told you to save these," she said pulling out a baggie full of bottle caps, "Not just because you like shiny, I also got you this," she said pulling out a grey book.
"Wasteland Survival Guide by Ditzy Doo?"
"It was taken off of one of the ponies we took in. I was supposed to burn it but I knew, someday, somepony would need it."
"Thanks mom."
"One last thing. You can't leave home without Your Party Cannon," she said pulling out one of the pink cannons. "And I've prepared you plenty of Party Cartages. Careful though, who knows when you'll find more out there."
"Thank you."
"Also, here are some Audio-Tapes of songs and such. They may be useful out there."
With these last items handed to her Twinkle finished hacking into the security and unlocked her new friend.
"Goodbye." she said to her mom as she hopped onto the Hellhound's back and prepared to exit the stable.

She made it to the gear-shaped door, but as she tried to leave security entered. The Hellhound simply lifted its paw and Twinkle just asked, "You really want to try it?"
With that, the security stepped down and Twinkle left out towards the Wastes.
"Onward friend." she said to her Hellhound companion as they left the mountain behind.

A few hours later the two stopped to set up camp.
"So," Twinkle asked, "What's your name?"
"I called Green Scourge. Why, I don't know."
"That's kinda long. I'll just call you Sarge. Well, night," she said lying down ready to sleep as Sarge buried himself into the ground to do the same.

A few hours later Twinkle was woken by rustling. She turned to see two ponies (one earth pony stallion, the other, a unicorn mare) both in slave collers searching her saddlebags.
"This oughta be worth something," the earth pony said pulling out the Party Cannon. "Question is, how's it fire?"
"Lookie here," the unicorn said pulling out Twinkle's sack of caps, "Jackpot!"
"Hey," Twinkle said, "What are you two doing with my stuff?"
"Get her," the earth pony said.
With that the unicorn dropped the caps and focused all her magic on Twinkle.
"Lookie here, we got us a stable pony," the stallion said.
"She'll make a fine slave," the mare replied. "Let's get her to our boss."
With that they began dragging her to places unknown.

A few hours into the trip Twinkle began yelling, "LET ME GO!!" while kicking and screaming.
"Sheesh," the stallion said, "this'll calm her down." He said this pulling out a syringe of Med-X
"No, no, no. Please, no. Don't give me chems," Twinkle was pleading.
"You shoulda thought of that before you began giving us trouble," the unicorn replied.
"I'm telling you this to help you," Twinkle said with tears in her eyes.
But it was too late. The stallion had already put the needle in, and was pushing the plunger.
Then without warning, Twinkle's eyes grew - one big, one small - and she began talking incredibly fast. "Hey there, everypony name's Twinkie Pie. Who's ready to party!?!?!"
"What the?" the mare asked.
"I'll just take my Party Cannon," Twinkie Pie said. And just like that she rushed up to the stallion and took back her saddlebags.
"What just happened?" he asked.
"Who cares?" Twinkie Pie explained, "IT'S TIME TO PARTY!"
With that she put the cannon to his chest and it exploded with confetti.
"Screw this," the mare said, "I'm outa here."
But by the time she left Twinkle was already there.
"What the… how?"
"Don't ask, just party."

Back at the camp Sarge awoke to see that Twinkle was missing.
"Where she go?" he asked, "TWINKLE!" he yelled. "If something happen to her I DESTORY."
With that he began sniffing trying to find her trail.

Sarge walked until he finally was reunited with his friend though she wasn't herself. Her normally curly mane was flat and lifeless. She was notably grayish and crying with the corpses of the stallion and mare around her.
"TWINKLE!" he yelled.
"Stay away!" she said between tears, "I'm a monster."
"What happen?"
"They gave me chems. It was my cute-ceañera all over again."
"What mean."
"Well it was a few weeks ago…"

I had just broken through my wall and saw a break in the cloud cover. I saw the beautiful stars and knew that my destiny was to be amongst the free. That's when I got my cutie mark. Getting my mark meant it was time for my cute-ceañera. Parties weren't uncommon in my stable. Heck, we were called The Party-Time Stable for a reason. But your cute-ceañera is special Dashie. Pie would give you your first taste of chems.
"I'll take Party-Time Mintals, please," I had told him.
"Absolutely miss mark," he replied.
He handed me the Mintals and I took them. I tasted their fruityness and felt myself change. Then before I knew it I wasn't me, I was partying too hard. I'd lost control of my body, but I still had my mind. I saw everything that was happening and I didn't like it.
"Hey, hey, everypony this party's good but Twinkie Pie is here to kick it up to twelve," I heard myself say.
"Twinkle," Surprise said, "what's wrong with you?"
"First off, please call me Twinkie. Secondly, the only thing wrong here is that this party's not hard enough. Let's kick it up."
I grabbed the decorator's Party Cannon and went crazy. I hit at least four others directly with it, and they went to bits. Three others had too many chems that I shoved down their throats.

"I can't do chems. I become a monster. I KILL AND HAVE NO EXCUSE!!!!!"
"It not you. You not killer."
"No you not. It chems. I keep them from you. You no kill."
"Thank you," Twinkle said whipping the tears away and hopping on Sarges back. "Mind If I listen to the radio?"
"Just keep quiet."
"Thanks." With that she tuned her Pip-Buck's radio to the stables emergency broadcast frequency (on which P Squared used to do a radio show).
"Hey there everypony," P Squared's voice sounded, "this is your local party pony, DJ P Squared, sayin, keep an eye out for a stable escapee. Her name's Twinkle Pie, and was last seen with a Hellhound. In other news, a pegasus known as The Defender is far south of here in the dead city of Canterlot. And remember everypony if the dull grey brown wastes get ya down, come on over and become a Party-Time citizen. Party long, party hard. Now here's the stable's Co-Founder the Mare of the Ministry of Moral Pinkie Pie, with one of her songs."
First you jiggle your tail! Oink oink oink!
Then you wriggle your snout! Oink oink oink!
Then you wiggle your rump! Oink oink oink!
Then shout it out! Oink oink oink!

"Oh no," Twinkle said.

"It annoying, but it done soon." Sarge replied.

"Not the song. We're wanted fugitives of the stable. If we're found, they'll do to me what they did to my father."

"What happen to him?"

"I'll tell you later. For now, we need to run."
Footnote: Level up (Twinkie Pie)

New Perk: Explorer: Higher chance of finding special places and ponies in random encounters.

Companion Perk: Feared Friend: You'll be friends with anyone and your newest one is a terrifying thing in the wastes. As long as Green Scourge is your companion, you have a lower chance of hostile encounters, cause nopony wants to fight a Hellhound.

Quest Perk: Killer Party: Due to the genetic alterations don't to you in your stable you have another personality. Twinkie Pie will show up whenever you do chems and throw a party where all the attendees will leave in stitches. If at all.

Footnote: Level up (Green Scourge)

New Perk: Faster Healing: +1 bonus to your healing rate.

Companion Perk: Life of the Party: As long as Twinkle Pie is your companion, no matter how huge the party is, you won't be harmed.

Twinkle Pie's S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Intelligence: 6
Charisma: 7
Agility: 5
Luck: 7

Green Scourges S.P.E.C.I.A.L
Strength: 10
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Intelligence: 6
Charisma: 1
Agility: 6
Luck: 3

A/N: I would like to thank Super-Zombie/MyLittleBurger for letting me write the story of his OC's Twinkle Pie and Green Scourge. They are going to be fun
I'm known as the Storyteller. I've wandered the wastes of Equestria for long enough to pick up various tales of unknown heroes, I'm stuck in a MI print factory so I'll share some with you. There are many Stables. This one had no number and caused craziness. Though one held onto sanity and escaped. With help from a fearsome monster of the wastes.
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